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Fourth Sunday of Easter Reflection: The heart of the Good Shepherd is in the flock

posted May 11, 2011, 8:48 PM by Nick Ballesteros
The biblical portrayal of Jesus as the Good Shepherd makes the human heart passionately reacts due to its intimate and sincere connection with people.  It has a natural and deep personal appeal to human soul due to its passion for the flock’s safety and welfare.  

On this Good Shepherd Sunday, Mother the Church rekindles once more in the minds and hearts of Her children, through the Word risen and proclaimed, the confidence that no one among members of Jesus’ flock is left unaided, no one is left unprotected, no one is left unguarded.  

The personal knowledge of the Good Shepherd about who and what His sheep is defines what the Good Shepherd means.  Helpless, defenceless and completely dependent, a sheep can not without a shepherd.  As knowing for the Good Shepherd is perfectly and eternally tantamount to loving, Jesus is not without taking care, with much love, for every single sheep of His flock.  

It’s really an honour to be one of Jesus’ sheep, but it’s a great blessing for self and others if we reflect the very example of a Shepherd who in His goodness set aside His personal glory and comfort to uplift the weak, heal the wounded, and bring back those who went astray.  

Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing us to your flock.  Shape our hearts after your own and make us also loving and caring shepherds to all.  AMEN.

Fr Ambet