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Fifth Sunday of Easter Reflection: A journey worth taking

posted May 19, 2011, 9:47 PM by Nick Ballesteros
There is nothing more in life than to be with God. Human life, as lived and proclaimed by Jesus, is meant to be with Him. Thus, the sole purpose of living on earth is to be on a journey towards God. He is the human life’s ultimate destiny.

The journey, as clarified by Jesus, is troublesome. Parting ways among families and friends becomes inevitable in advancing towards God. Jesus departs from His own and this leaves their hearts very much worried and troubled. The consoling words of Jesus “Do not let your hearts be troubled” need to be proclaimed and heard to cheer up the spirit of those who are left behind and still struggling to move ahead.

In Jesus, we can find ourselves being carried with much care and affection especially along the steep portions of life journey. He’s not only gone ahead our way, but He Himself is the Way. The manner He lived His life on earth is the way through which we get to the Father. He does not only show to us the true direction towards God, He
himself is the Truth by which we see the Father face to face. In Him we don’t just see life but have it to the full.

Furthermore, JESUS is not only preparing a place for us to dwell but He gives Himself to dwell in our inner place to make us live with the Father. What makes our life journey, though not trouble-free, worth taking is Jesus who is risen to be our Way, our Truth and our Life. AMEN.

Fr Ambet