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FCPC has a new set of officers

posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:45 AM by Nick Ballesteros   [ updated Apr 10, 2011, 4:12 PM ]
The Filipino Chaplaincy Pastoral Council (FCPC) which covers the whole Wellington and Wairarapa regions has a new set of officers.  According to Fr. Ambet, the officers were chosen after spending some time of prayer, discernment and consultation with the people.  The consultation process consisted of soliciting nominations from the people, and talking to the nominees to make sure they are willing to commit their time and effort for the service of the chaplaincy. 

The newly appointed officers lead three distinct councils:  the Chaplaincy Pastoral Council (CPC); the Chaplaincy Finance Council (CFC); and the Chaplaincy Youth Council (CYC).  The CPC concerns itself with mission and the furthering of spiritual values within the faith community while the CFC is concerned with placing the financial and other material resources of the chaplaincy at the service of its pastoral priorities.  The CYC, on the other hand, is a consultative body to the Filipino chaplain as regards the pastoral care of the young sector of the chaplaincy. In addition, the ministries of worship/liturgy, education/formation, and outreach/service have each a chairperson. 

The commissioning of the new set of officers took place during the mass celebration in honor of Sto Nino on 16 January 2010 at St. Joseph’s Parish church with Archbishop John Dew, presiding.  

The new set of officers are as follows: 

Position Officer 
Pastoral Council Chair Carmelo Bernardo
Pastoral Council Vice-Chair Patrocinio Salandanan
Pastoral Council Secretary Misael Diputado
Finance Administrator Nilda Campbell 
Finance Administrator Emmanuel Calvelo
Education/Formation Committee Chair Allan Gieran 
Liturgy/Worship Committee Chair  Myrna Umali 
Outreach Committee Chair  Zenaida Vogt 
Youth Council Chair  Leonardo Lugtu 
Youth Council Chair Monica Tirados
Youth Council Vice-Chair  Raymond Pacpaco 
Youth Council Vice-Chair  Mei Capinpin 
Youth Council Secretary  Carl Non 
Youth Council Secretary Dawn Laureles 

First Row (left – right): Dawn Laureles, Mei Capinpin, Monica Tirados, Fr. Ben, Archbishop John Dew, Fr. Ambet, Led Lugto, Raymond Pacpaco, Carl Non

Second Row (left – right): Nilda Campbell, Zeny Vogt, Myrna Umali, Pat Salandanan, Mel Bernardo, Jun Diputado, Allan Gierran, Abbot Calvelo

Photo courtesy of Ed Sevilleja