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posted Jul 29, 2011, 1:25 AM by PAT SALANDANAN

If nothing can separate us from the love of God, nothing of God’s can separate Him from us as well. 

In today’s episode of the Gospel, God is shown to be having, not only a human face in Jesus, but also the human feelings of sadness brought about by the tragic loss of His cousin and forerunner John the Baptist.  This strong human feeling captivated the three synoptic Gospel writers’ interest to utilize it in stirring the confidence of faith in the hearts of their Christian readers.  That despite of an emotional distress which calls and longs for quiet and solitude, people’s concerns, for Jesus, take precedence than His own personal priorities.  Nothing of His own can separate Him from His people.

This is total abandonment of oneself for the sake and welfare of others.  That’s the thing that satisfies more the hunger of those people who keep looking, who keep searching for Him.   More than the bread broken and shared, more than the two fish blessed and given to feed thousands of people following Him, what satiates the hunger, what quenches the thirst is Jesus being always with them.  People are not dismissed by Jesus, they are not allowed to go away and look for what satisfies their thirst and hunger themselves, it is rather being provided and given to them. 

The instruction given to the worried disciples:  “give them some food yourselves” dramatizes not only the intense barrenness of that deserted place but also Isaiah’s invitation which is sacramentalized in Jesus:  “heed me, and you shall eat well.”

In places and moments that life becomes so barren, becomes broken and disarrayed, that’s where and when Jesus keeps breaking Himself to let the life-giving food and drink flow and let all live healed and renewed.

Truly, nothing can separate us from Him, and nothing of God’s can separate Jesus from us as well.  Amen.