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Easter Sunday Reflection: The Joy of finding the risen Lord in the hearts of all

posted Apr 20, 2011, 6:50 PM by Dominic Ballesteros
Mary Magdalene is a perfect image of a pilgrim in love. Her pure and humble openness to the love offered by Jesus made her the perfect model of someone who is on a joyful journey of faith.

Her old life has been badly stained not only by her personal faults but more so by the discriminating judgment of people. Her meeting with Jesus made her a completely new person. She found in her newly- found Master a genuine reason to live with dignity and inward happiness. This restored identity set her on a journey with the Master in attaining the perfect abode of loving and being loved.

Good Friday incidents for Mary Magdalene were obviously deeply disheartening. Being perfectly understood by Jesus and unconditionally accepted and forgiven, Mary was made seriously wounded by the groundless and malicious arrest and execution of her Lord. The one who made her whole was broken down to the full. Truly this was a painful interior pilgrimage of love.

She remained for sometime on the level of unknowing which kept her heart wondered why her Master, who radically changed her life, became an object of the leaders’ mockery and threat. Without knowing that she’s been made intimately associated with the Master in His journey of and in love, her heart cried in pain. More so when the tomb on which they laid His body, appeared to her empty.

The birth of joy for Mary Magdalene has not been easy and quick but took an intense amount of misery and disappointments. It required a whole lot of persistence in her faith. And she’s rewarded in her pure search of her beloved. The empty tomb was the very womb that unexpectedly gave birth to her unexpected joy. The body of Jesus was not there because He is here, He is alive, He is risen, He is with His friends. He is no longer in the tomb dead but in the hearts of all alive.

Mary, despite finding already her joyful destiny in her risen Lord, continues to pilgrim with us to lead and help us find the joy of finding the Master ALIVE in the hearts of all.

Happy Easter folks!