Servant Leaders

The officers were chosen after spending some time of prayer, discernment and consultation with the people. The consultation process consisted of soliciting nominations from the people, and talking to the nominees to make sure they are willing to commit their time and effort for the service of the chaplaincy.

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The appointed officers lead three distinct councils: the Chaplaincy Pastoral Council (CPC); the Chaplaincy Finance Council (CFC); and the Chaplaincy Youth Council (CYC). The CPC concerns itself with mission and the furthering of spiritual values within the faith community while the CFC is concerned with placing the financial and other material resources of the chaplaincy at the service of its pastoral priorities. The CYC, on the other hand, is a consultative body to the Filipino chaplain as regards the pastoral care of the young sector of the chaplaincy. In addition, the ministries of worship/liturgy, education/formation, and outreach/service have each a chairperson.

The Chaplain

Pastoral Council

Joey Domdom, Liturgy Ministry Head
Bernie Velasco, Formation Ministry Head
Chona Smart, Outreach Ministry Head
Geo Robrigado, Liturgy Ministry
Ron Perez, Formation Ministry
Mary Velasco, Formation Ministry
Myrna Umali, Formation Ministry

Youth Council

Gabriel Balauag, Youth Chairperson
Mariel Bocacao, Youth Vice-Chairperson

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