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notifications_active For this month’s Filipino Masses, please bring the list of names of those you wish to be especially remembered, and a rose/flower to symbolize their life. If you are making a donation, please enclose the list and donation in a sealed envelope. Their names and the flowers will be offered during the Mass.
notifications_active All Simbang Gabi masses will be at St. Martin de Porres Church, Avalon Lower Hutt (7.00 PM)
notifications_active Join the NZ Rosary Crusade on supporting Life and Faith on the 8th of December at 3PM. Please see the News - Notices page on our website for more details
notifications_active 3rd Sunday of the Month Filipino Masses will be at St. Joseph's, 152 Brougham St, Mount Victoria, Wellington

The Filipino Chaplaincy Pastoral Council

The Filipino Chaplaincy Pastoral Council (FCPC) is a unifying and coordinating structure made up of the Chaplain (Canon, Book II, Title III, Chapter VIII Article 2 #564-568) and a group of committed lay people through which everyone may have a part and/or obligation in the affairs of the council through the development of their community faith and the mission of the church in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington. In addition, and more importantly, it is intended to aid the Filipino Chaplain (shared responsibility) in building a true Christian community through administration, both spiritual and material. (Canon, Book II, Title III, Chapter V Article 2 #511-514).

The Filipino Chaplaincy Pastoral Council - Wellington (FCPC-WA) is registered with the NZ Charities Commission as a religious charitable group. Registration No. CC48928.

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Purpose and Role of the FCPC

The FCPC is a group of committed lay people who come together with their chaplain to share responsibility for the growth and nourishment of their community of faith and to undertake the mission of the Church in the Filipino community.

The establishment of the council as mandated by the Archdiocese is essential for the chaplaincy to:

  • grow and develop
  • meet the spiritual, liturgical, pastoral, social needs of its community of faith;
  • be evangelizing;
  • play its part in the mission of the local and universal Church.

The FCPC seeks to enrich the quality of community life and to ensure that community members have all that are needed to grow in holiness and to discover and live out their personal and communal call to mission.

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Do you need help?

You may request for household items or any other help through the Filipino Chaplaincy. Just click here to send us a message and we will try to match your needs with offers from our Parishioners.