The Filipino Chaplaincy Pastoral Council is a unifying and coordinating structure made up of the Chaplain (Canon, Book II, Title III, Chapter VIII Article 2 #564-568) and a group of committed lay people through which everyone may have a part and/or obligation in the affairs of the council through the development of their community faith and the mission of the church in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington.  In addition, and more importantly, it is intended to aid the Filipino Chaplain (shared responsibility) in building a true Christian community through administration, both spiritual and material. (Canon, Book II, Title III, Chapter V Article 2 #511-514).

The Filipino Chaplaincy Pastoral Council - Wellington (FCPC-WA) is registered with the NZ Charities Commission as a religious charitable group.  Registration No. CC48928.


A vibrant and living Catholic community witnessing and celebrating their faith mindful of their Filipino spiritual values and traditions with a distinct Marian character while fully and responsibly participating in and enriching their respective parishes. 


We, the Filipino Chaplaincy, inspired by the life and teachings of Christ, and professing  filial devotions to His Beloved Mother, aspire: 
  • to be the leaven within the Filipino faithful for them to live and share their faith in the context of their Filipino practices and traditions;
  • to encourage and promote a wide participation as possible of the prophetic, priestly and kingly roles of Christ within their communities and their respective parishes;
  • to ennoble the Filipino families to live an exemplary life so as to foster and nourish priestly vocation.

Purpose and Role of the Chaplaincy Pastoral Council

The FCPC is a group of committed lay people who come together with their chaplain to share responsibility for the growth and nourishment of their community of faith and to undertake the mission of the Church in the Filipino community. 

The establishment of the council as mandated by the Archdiocese is essential for the chaplaincy to:
  • grow and develop
  • meet the spiritual, liturgical, pastoral, social needs of its community of faith;
  • be evangelizing;
  • play its part in the mission of the local and universal Church.
The FCPC seeks to enrich the quality of community life and to ensure  that community members have all that are needed to grow in holiness and to discover and live out  their personal and communal call to mission.